Welcome to Redpa Primary School



Redpa Primary is a small school in Circular Head. The local community has strong connections with the school and works closely in partnership with school staff to provide rich learning opportunities for all sectors of the community. Redpa Primary takes pride in providing a supportive caring atmosphere where the emphasis is on individual growth and achievement. Our school has varied programs to meet the needs of our community including Kids- Stepping Out (Birth to four years) program, supporting families and children during those early years of life; and an Online Access Centre offering a range of courses for adult learners. As a school community we have high expectations and confidence in all learners and their ability to learn we encourage children to have high expectations of themselves and celebrate each other's learning. We believe that it is our role to bring to light the potential of our students as tolerant, respectful, confident citizens within our own and wider community, who are self motivated and eager learners with understanding of their own strengths and passions and independently skilled and accomplished in ways that enable them to pursue their goals and dreams.