For best literacy learning, we believe that teachers must;
  • maintain challenging expectations for all learners
  • foster close relationships with families to support literacy learning
  • connect literacy to students experiences and interests
  • provide a safe, supportive learning environment for children to challenge themselves
  • encourage students to have high expectations of themselves, and to encourage and celebrate each others learning
  • adopt different teaching strategies and approaches
  • have excellent understandings of literacy and literacy learning
  • establish clear goals and ongoing assessment of individual student progress
  • carefully plan for the whole group, small group focussed teaching and individual learning needs
Our literacy program includes:
  • an uninterrupted literacy teaching block each morning
  • provision for small, focussed teaching groups
  • aides supporting teachers during the literacy block
  • individual learning plans for students requiring additional support
  • whole school approach to reading, writing, grammar and spelling.
Curriculum Studies
Students study important environmental, social, personal and specific concepts through integrated inquiry.  These inquiries are based on key concepts or questions and taught through various curriculum areas such as literacy, science, numeracy, Sose, health or ICT.  Integrated inquiries help make connections between learning areas and help students transfer skills and knowledge to real life issues.
Our numeracy program is based on effective numeracy teaching, professional learning, collaborative planning and varied assessment to monitor student progress and guide teaching. 
Dedicated maths time is 11.10 - 12.20 every day.
Our teaching and learning is guided by a set of key principles
Developing the conceptual understanding to be able to communicate mathematical ideas and concepts.  The use of concrete materials, resources and mental computation strategies to build understanding.
Connecting mathematical concepts and skills to real life learning.
Being able to explain and justify mathematical thinking and explicitly teaching mathematical vocabulary to aid the communication of ideas.
To consolidate understanding we need to revisit concepts and ideas in different contexts.
Whole school numeracy plan to provide co-ordinated, effective and consistent numeracy teaching across the school.
Developing a culture where students feel valued and safe to take risks in learning, make mistakes and learn in  a supportive learning community.
Effective teaching practices, assessment procedures and professional learning to guide our curriculum.
Specialist Programs
Students participate in weekly 40 minute music lessons developing their skills, knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment for music.
Physical Education
Students participate in a weekly 50 minute physical education lesson, daily PE led by our Grade 6 Aussie Sports leaders and Circular Head schools sports activities and carnivals.